Travelling by car

(Schwabentor from the perspective of the "Herrenstraße")
Coming from motorway A5:
Take the exit "Freiburg Mitte"
in the direction of Freiburg. Then follow the main road (B31) about 8 km in the direction of Freiburg.

Once Freiburg Old Town is written,
Please take the left lane. Stay on the left lane
and go through the "Schwabentor".
After 100 meters you are directly befor the "Löwen".

Coming from the Black Forest, B31:
On the B31 towards Freiburg. Follow
the main road until "Freiburg Altstadt", then
arrange to the right lane.

After the traffic light change to the left lane
and drive through the "Schwabentor".
After 100 meters you are directly befor the "Löwen".

Arrival / Parking
Our house is located in the pedestrian zone of Freiburg's Old Town. Please take note that it's only allowed to loading and unloading in the "Herrenstrasse".

In the immediate vicinity, we can recommend you two car parks / parking garages which offer a special rate for hotel guests.

Parkhaus Karlsbau - about 4 minutes walk away
24 hours 19,00 € - Kongressticket
every additional day 8,00 €

Schlossberggarage - about 2 minutes walk away
24 hours 18,00 € - Hoteltarif

Further information (in German)

Alternatively, Public parking in the city area - Zone 2. Paying from 9 am to 11 pm on weekdays. Maximum parking time 24h.
2,60€ / Std. , ab 5- 24 Std. = 14 €.

Parking outside the center (german):
Residents & Visitors

Specifications are without guarantee
Caution! Green Zones in Germany
We would like to point out that since the 1. January 2010, the new "environmental zone" within Freiburg's downtown is in force.

This area may only drive vehicles that meet certain emission standards. This you need to signal a badge on their windscreen.


This environmental badges are available in all motor vehicle registration offices or the Internet via