Accommodation tax - Bettensteuer Freiburg until 1. January 2014

The city of Freiburg has successfully implemented the Freiburg accommodations tax on 1 January 2014. We ask for your understanding that we are obliged from that date to collect this tax and pay it to the city of Freiburg.

This bed tax obligation overnight guests who come for personal reasons to Freiburg to submit cultural tax. Business travelers who present to us before arrival the supporting evidence are excluded from this survey.

 Form: Employer evidence of exemption
 Form: Evidence of exemption
 Form: Operators certificate

For questions or proof applications contact like the city of Freiburg:

Stadt Freiburg
Phone: +49 761 201-5162
or +49 761 201-5161

You can find the legal basis, the necessary forms and a leaflet on the Frequently Asked Questions on the Internet at